Civic Trustees utilize their Power to bring Solutions to the Challenges Impacting their Cities. These New Leaders are developing New Solutions and creating a New Standard for Public Dialogue that is Strengthening our Cities.

The Principles

Civic Trustees are dedicated to making their city stronger than it is today by always taking a “no blame” approach to focus on solutions that help create a better future. Trustees commit to working together towards solutions that are:
cost effective evidence-based beneficial to the community as a whole

The Power Platform

Civic Trustees use this Power Platform of tools and training to identify and develop solutions that will strengthen and improve their cities without having to rely on the political establishment.

The Civic Trustees

Thousands have used The Citizens Campaign's Power Platform to pass hundreds of laws in their cities and towns, some with state and national impact.

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From the Blog

  • Trenton Civic Trustees program brings new approach to solving city problems

    The "Trenton Makes" bridge is seen in this Times file photo. (Times File Photo)

    In an effort to allow citizens to work independently to address issues in their community, the Citizens Campaign has created and fostered the Trenton Civic Trustees program in the city.

    The group of 30 engaged residents approach the problems in their communities differently than others, said Harry Pozycki, chair of The Citizens Campaign.

    "Often times when citizens feel there is a problem going on and they go to a government entity they just say there is a problem," Pozycki said.

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  • Trenton Planning Board adopts resolution to mitigate flooding

    Published in The Times of Trenton 

    In an effort to protect against flooding and damage from storms, the city's planning board approved a series of recommendations to address flood control for building projects and redevelopment.

    The board passed a resolution at its Feb. 12 meeting containing recommendations from the Citizens Campaign, which says the resolution is the first of its kind in the state.

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  • Seeking Civic Trustees for Trenton and Perth Amboy

    The Citizens Campaign today announced that it is seeking applications from Trenton and Perth Amboy residents interested in becoming Civic Trustees- Trustees who work together to identify and gain adoption of proven solutions for problems facing their City.  Civic Trustees will be members of the Trenton or Perth Amboy Civic Trusts, formerly Impact Trenton and Impact Perth Amboy.  Civic Trustees and the Trenton and Perth Amboy Civic Trusts will receive significant support from The Citizens Campaign’s top government lawyers, urban policy experts and experienced political coaches.  They will be trained to use the power levers of local government to get results on the issues they care about.

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