Civic Trustees utilize their Power to bring Solutions to the Challenges Impacting their Cities. These New Leaders are developing New Solutions and creating a New Standard for Public Dialogue that is Strengthening our Cities.

The Principles

Civic Trustees are dedicated to making their city stronger than it is today by always taking a “no blame” approach to focus on solutions that help create a better future. Trustees commit to working together towards solutions that are:
cost effective evidence-based beneficial to the community as a whole

The Power Platform

Civic Trustees use this Power Platform of tools and training to identify and develop solutions that will strengthen and improve their cities without having to rely on the political establishment.

The Civic Trustees

Thousands have used The Citizens Campaign's Power Platform to pass hundreds of laws in their cities and towns, some with state and national impact.

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  • Pilot program empowering residents to find solutions to expand across N.J.

    An initiative that has empowered dozens of citizens to find solutions to problems will be expanded statewide after pilot programs in Trenton and Perth Amboy found success.

    The Citizens Campaign, a nonprofit advocacy group that has led efforts to pass state and municipal pay-to-play rules, launched the Civic Trustee initiative as a way for residents to work together and address issues facing their cities.

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  • Where There is a Will and a Way, there is Hope for the Future.

    We recently celebrated the inaugural Civic Trustees from Trenton, Perth Amboy, and Newark at our Celebration of Civic Innovation Gala.  In his speech to the Trustees and the other esteemed attendees, our Chairman, Harry Pozycki, talked about how we got here, the commitment of the Trustees and their incredible accomplishments to date.  He also talked a little bit about hope.

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  • Auxiliary citizen police officers may help bridge trust between community, police

    The use of auxiliary police forces, trained citizen volunteers who work alongside sworn officers, may be helpful to bridge trust between the community and police, acting Attorney General John Hoffman said Thursday while speaking at an event at Thomas Edison State College.

    Hoffman said programs should be worked out based on the needs and climate of each agency, but that he sees how the use of auxiliary officers, like those employed by the Perth Amboy Police Department, can be a benefit.

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