Through our "Impact Our Cities" initiative, The Citizens Campaign aimed to establish a sustainable civic infrastructure which has the capacity to generate new leaders and workable solutions for our cities’ needs. We created a dynamic within this infrastructure where citizens could play a role that goes well beyond simply voting and holding officials accountable — one that empowers citizens to advance solutions that make government work better at all levels. The hard work and success of citizen leaders across the state inspired the creation of our Civic Trustee Program. Here is a look at the highlights of achievements to date.




In partnership with Princeton Area Community Foundation, mentored citizen leaders to gain the adoption of the Trenton Ethics Board, and several others with appointments on this much-needed Board which will address issues of government accountability.

Assisted the Trenton Green Team, with funding from Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, towards achieving sustainability certifications so the City can qualify for much-needed grants and government funding

Hosted a Trenton Call to Service Kick-Off Conference with the key city and civic leaders, and since then hosted dozens of trainings

Led a successful petition drive for Pay-to-Play Reform, which collected over 3,000 citizens’ signatures.

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Assisted citizen leaders in gaining the adoption of a half a dozen reform laws that are saving the City millions of dollars.

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Assisted the City in writing and gaining adoption of 10 model laws to restore government integrity and increase citizen involvement, including:d a Newark Call to Service with Mayor Booker at NJPAC that was turned into a NJN documentary and led to a series of mini-forums with a broad base of business & civic sponsors.

Creation of the first Environmental Commission 

Creation of the Office of the Inspector General 

“Pay-to-Play” Reform for No-Bid and Redevelopment Contracts adopted

Best Priced Insurance Reform adopted




In conjunction with community organizations and the Office of the City Clerk, facilitated several workshops for over 500 residents on how to get results as a part of the decision making process within Jersey City.

Worked with citizens to push the adoption of laws that reformed the contracting process for both professionals and developers within the City.   



In response to a high profile shooting, we assisted residents in the creation of an auxiliary police force and Civilian Review Task Force to improve public safety.

Hosted a New Brunswick Call to Service Summit with Mayor Cahill and members of the City Council.

Through the Rita Allen Foundation, created an community advisory board for the New Brunswick Patch site to ensure quality civic coverage.   



With support from the William Penn & South Jersey Community Foundations, we led a Camden City Call to Service Summit with Rutgers University where over 300 residents heard from Mayor Redd, Governor Florio, and many others on ways that they can effectuate change within the City.

Assisted residents in gaining the adoption of an insurance contracting reform law at both the city council and school board levels, saving the City $4M so far.

Played an instrumental role in Camden’s Green Team gaining bronze certification and the adoption of Pay-to-Play reform in the City.


cities7_paterson.jpg PATERSON

Empowered Paterson high school students to create ten “Ambassador” positions for the City’s Youth Guidance Council so that the youth’s voice was truly represented. Out of the 14 students involved in this effort, ten were appointed!

With support from the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation, created the award-winning, to provide hard news coverage for the city.

Citizens successfully gained adoption of major cost-cutting reforms: “Pay-to-Play” Contractor Reform and Best Price Insurance.


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