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The Citizens Campaign was founded in 1998 by Harry and Caroline Pozycki to cultivate a culture of service and develop a new generation of leaders for the State of New Jersey - leaders who put service over personal gain. We give people a tool kit to make government work better and cost less. 

Through live events and online classes, The Citizens Campaign has educated thousands of New Jerseyans in how to navigate the power structure of local and county government and to exercise leadership beginning with their own hometowns. We teach citizens how to get results through 5 powerful nonelected leadership positions: Citizen Legislators, Citizen Journalist, Political Party Position, Appointed Office Holder, and Political Navigator.

The Citizens Campaign also devises innovative government solutions that make government work better and cost less. Our model laws provide the foundation for competition, transparency, and integrity in government and open the doors for citizens to be the community problem solvers. 


Empowered thousands of New Jersey residents to get results on issues they care about, from building a more sustainable future, to creating more honest and efficient government, to cutting wasteful spending in government -- with the right tools and training, any citizen can make an impact. 

Recognized as a thought leader in civic engagement and government integrity by elected officials, business leaders, journalists, and academics. Our opinion pieces have been published in every daily New Jersey newspaper, and we are sought out for thoughtful commentary on issues of government accountability & transparency and citizen-powered politics.   

Gained adoption of hundreds of laws from the local to state level that is changing the way government operates. This April, the Center for Public Integrity rated New Jersey as having the best anti-corruption laws in the nation. We can safely say this is a direct result of citizens mobilizing for change at the grassroots level to build a state-wide culture change. For example, citizens have successfully gained adoption of more than 100 local ordinances banning campaign contributions from government contractors (i.e. pay to play reform), which in 2005 became a nationally recognized model state law. 

  • Pay-to-Play Reform  
  • Open Public Records Act
  • Best Price Insurance
  • Party Democracy Act
  • Citizen Service Act
  • Sunshine Law


The Citizens Campaign is frequently looked to for common sense, non-partisan commentary on government contracting, open government, and citizen engagement. Here are a highlights of our interviews and speaking engagements:



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