Are you ready to make an impact in your city? Our menu of ready-to-adopt solutions is a great place to start! Many of these evidence-based solutions have been developed and implemented in cities around New Jersey by citizens like you, with support and coaching from our Law & Policy Task Force.

Each solution is designed to be presented by citizens to their city's governing bodies or school boards. They include a brief description and step-by-step guide to walk you through the process from research through adoption, a Presentation Kit, and accompanying model local laws – ordinances or resolutions – in ready-to-adopt format.

Also check out our Citizen Legislator Class to learn how to make a successful presentation of the evidence-based solution of your choice. Empowered by these time-tested trainings and tools of The Citizens Campaign, you can be the solution to dysfunctional politics!



  • Community-Based Code of Student Conduct : [*IN DEVELOPMENT] Establish a process of gathering community input for the annual review of your School District's Code of Student Conduct
  • Best Price Insurance for School Districts: Eliminate wasteful spending on inflated insurance contracts and broker kick-backs
  • Leadership Civics Curriculum: Start an educational program to increase youth civic participation in your School District 
  • Municipal & School District Shared Services Agreements: School Districts and Municipalities that share a geographic region have many opportunities to share services and cut costs.  (See also Government Efficiency & Waste Cutting)


  • Master Plan Amendment Proposal for Storm and Flood Protection: [*IN DEVELOPMENT]
  • Tree Fund: Establish a voluntary Tree Fund people can donate to that will go towards strategically planting more storm resilient trees in city parks and along the waterfront
  • Green Roof Ordinance: Help reduce storm water pollution and flooding by establishing "green roof" zoning requirements
  • Permeable Driveway Ordinance: Create a site-plan requirement that minimizes off-site drainage, and is incentivized by an optional coverage bonus
  • Environmental Commission: Establish a volunteer committee to advise local government and inform residents on environmental issues, and help to protect the environment




  • Abandoned Properties Ordinance: [*IN DEVELOPMENT]
  • Creating an Arts Council: [*IN DEVELOPMENT] Establish a volunteer committee to support the arts in your city and seek grant opportunities
  • Mural Ordinance: [*IN DEVELOPMENT] Promote and foster cultural expression in your city and connect people through public art
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